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What the bill does

  • Life happens. People lose tickets, have emergencies, run short on funds. Right now, all those things can lead to a suspended license.

  • The bipartisan driver’s license bill SB-154 hold people accountable without grinding them down. If it passes,

    • People whose licenses are suspended because of missed traffic court dates will be eligible for reinstatement once they appear in court

    • People who miss payments won’t have their licenses suspended unless they miss more than half their payments

    • People can miss up to one post-adjudication "compliance” hearing before their license is suspended

    • The “points” system that leads to license suspensions for habitual dangerous drivers will remain intact

How bill SB-154 would help

  • Around 170,000 Alabamians would be eligible to get their licenses back

  • Courts can still sanction people who habitually ignore tickets and court dates and fail to make payments accountable by suspending their licenses

  • In fact, the bill incentivizes compliance by giving people an incentive to come to court and resolve their tickets, which in most cases will result in them being eligible to get their licenses back.

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