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Letters of Support

“As the Commander of the West Precinct in Birmingham, I realized that enforcing the consequence of drivers needing to drive regardless of whether their driver’s licenses was suspended or not, not only did not enhance public safety, it actually hindered it.”

--Captain Jerry Wiley (Ret.), Birmingham Police Department

“Alabama residents need driver’s licenses to take care of their daily activities and necessities in life. Many of them are hardworking people who are in our congregations, who are relatives, friends, or coworkers of people in our churches.”

--Letter from Alabama clergy

“By suspending licenses for non-driving-related issues, our state is creating unnecessary burdens on public safety. Each time one of our officers arrests someone for driving on a suspended license, they spend time making the arrest, waiting for a tow truck, transporting the person to booking, and writing the report. This takes time from their shift, a waste of police resources that could have been spent confronting dangerous driving or investigating serious crime.”

--Kenyen Brown, Former US Attorney, Southern District of Alabama

“Alabama’s practice of suspending and revoking drivers’ licenses for reasons besides dangerous driving hurts workforce development and hobbles the economy at a time when both could not be more essential to our state’s continued prosperity. As business and industry leaders, we ask you to consider legislation that will end this practice which is keeping qualified workers from getting and keeping jobs.”


--Letter from Mercedes-Benz

“…the best thing we can do to help people like my clients move forward successfully is just end the practice of suspending licenses for debt-based reasons.”

--Letter from Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization

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